Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cool quiz - great result!

I love to play on-line quizzes and this was passed on by a friend in a group I'm in:

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

You're Egypt!

Curator of ancient mystical secrets, your life on the surface is fairly typical these days. Though you are in denial about more things than most people. Nevertheless, you're trying to convince people that you're safe despite your more volatile and unstable times that seem to be behind you. You like cats a whole lot. You'd probably really appreciate The Blue Pyramid.

I took the "Country Quiz II" and this was my other country personality:

You're Finland!

Refined, sophisticated, and yet sometimes suicidal, you are widely admired. You've spent a lot of time playing second-fiddle, but it turns out you can carry quite a tune on your own. While you were once quite brutish, you are now highly enlightened and an advocate for tranquility. Your favorite city reminds most people of a morality play. You have excellent taste in websites.

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