Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bavarian Mint

As in Bavarian Mint flavored coffee. What a nice aroma to start off a lazy day off from work and school.

Actually, my day was started with no alarm clock, snoozing in with my hubby, listening to the kids laugh, giggle, and shout out with a collection of Sega arcade playstation2 games we have. They are finally able to play games together. Handling all those buttons on the controllers is not that easy for little ones to master. Honor has gotten the hang of it though and they are having a great time.

Soon, the little gamers got the munchies and ran in to ask permission to get a pop tart snack - PopTarts and PS2 - what kind of parents are we anyway? Laid-back that's what kind, everything in moderation - I told them yes, and to work together. They went in the kitchen to get their snacks, and as they came out, Misty slipped out the door (still confined at night, although this may be ending because he's not had an accident in weeks now). The kids know the cats are supposed to stay in until I get up and check on them, so they tried to herd him back in the kitchen...he is too big for either to pick up.. "No Misty", "Get him!", "He's over by the other door!" Next thing, they come running in to us.. "Mooooom! Misty got out of the kitchen!"... what did they want? To let Ramses out too. Honor even went in and checked and told me that they hadn't made any messes. So I said ok. Next thing I know... two cats are sitting on my chest purring all over me. Guess it meant it really was time to get up. I fed them, got their box emptied, and cleaned up. Then, finally, it was coffee time.

There's nothing like opening the bag of coffee first thing in the morning and smelling the aroma of good coffee... ah! I've read recently, I forget where, that you do not even need to drink coffee in order to get a boost from it, there was some study that said even smelling it has benefit. I believe it, but I'd do it anyway. Mmm!

We order our coffee from "The Flying Bean". I found them several years ago after becoming quite bored and depressed with the local selection, even counting what was available at the commissary. I do not like drinking coffee just to put bitter caffeine in my system. I like GOOD coffee. Fresh coffee. Coffee that doesn't not have aftertastes of charcoal, or rancid vinegar. If that is all that is available, I'd rather have tea, or water!

"The Flying Bean" website offers nice sampler packs, then, after you try some of their coffees and get a feel for what they have, you can go to their Coffee Selector, which is a handy graph, sorting the various coffees (by name, linked to the product page) according to light/medium or dark roast and light/medium/full body. If you like one variety, you may want to try another in that same graph box.

Also, once you click on a particular coffee, they have more helpful descriptions for each variety. For example, we really like the Flying Bean Satin - a surprise to me, because it is a full-body, dark roast. I usually do NOT like dark roast coffee, at all. They pull it off without any of that nasty burnt, charcoal-dust, taste! It's rich and very smooth. If you click on the link (above), you see that it brings you to a page with a solid description of the coffee "A dark cup of coffee with a smooth, bright taste. A blend of African, Indonesian, Central and South American coffees.", and a flavor profile chart that includes a rating of acidity, body, and aroma (their definition of terms also available). If you like a coffee with a particular flavor profile - you might enjoy another one with a similar profile.

To get the Bavarian Mint, you have to go to their flavored coffee page. Be prepared to spend some time browsing! They have everything from Almond Nut Creme to White Russian Coffee. We love all of their chocolate flavors. Kahlua Fudge, Chocolate Cherry, Peppermint, Gaelic Grogg...

Most coffees appear to be available in caf and decaf, and you can get whole beans, or one of 5 grinds. The coffee comes in good vacuum bags. I ordered whole beans once, but there is not need. The ground coffee stays very fresh.

Our orders are always filled and shipped fast. They ship to APO addresses (yay!) and their website is set up to take foreign orders, too. Never had any experience with that though I am sure you could email them and ask - this is a small company and you get fast and very friendly replies. I'm using their logo to share this resource, with their permission. They also sell tea (haven't tried it yet) as well as gift boxes and equipment and supplies. We been very satisfied with every order we've placed, and will likely to continue purchasing our coffee from them, even after we return to the land of coffee shops on every corner.


Lynda said...

Miss 6 recently asked if she could 'be an American', after a visit to Maadi house - now after reading your post (and remembering my own lack of commissary) I think I wanna be too!

No fair.. talking about goodies the rest of us can't half.. sniff sniff sulk sulk....

We had a nice lie in too... its so quiet.

MsTypo said...

Despite all my constant kvetching, i love living overseas. But if i could change one, tiny, little thing Hubby would start working for an embassy so we could have an APO. Imagine being able to have everything from yummy coffee to Amazon books delivered. *sob*

Long story short, I too, am very jealous. :) :) Enjoy your yummy coffee. :)

Connie said...

I KNOW I am lucky. Access really is a privelege and I don't intend to be mean to those we cannot share with. Sigh... But, I have had a lot of 'trial and error' shopping experiences, where AFTER I'd wasted money or been otherwise been dissatisfied, someone would say, "Oh, but didn't you know..??" (No. I obviously didn't!) So, as I come across things that work for me, I'm trying to share - in the attempt to keep others from pain! This one happened to be APO related. Sorry!! Didn't mean to tease!

Mama Seoul said...

I love having the APO, but wish it were more reliable. I miss lattes! I think I will have a small one tomorrow. We are going to another base to an air show. We will probably get lost. I think I need one to start the day.

Anonymous said...

LOL. My boys try to herd Tasha when she slips into the house, too. It`s usually quite the uproar. Dorian, all indignant that the puppy would DARE to break the rules and ordering her out, while Dante shrieks "Tassa, Tassa . . . FUERA!" How were we not bored to tears before children?