Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A big hug for Honor

One day, over a year ago now, Honor got mad. It was a very BIG mad. Not even a tantrum, like a 3yo can let loose, no, an honest to god, angry. As in reasonably ANGRY about something important to her!

I don't even remember why...

After many hugs and kisses and talks, I know she and I worked out whatever it was, and she let me know that in addition to the cause of the initial anger she had, she was feeling left out. Brian got to do homework. Brian got magazines in the mail. Life just seemed totally unfair. Now, I don't believe in letting a kid get what they want by throwing a fit - they know a fit means the answer is 'No.' no matter what, and often it means an early bed time too. A out-of-control fit, in my opinion, means the child is tired, or hungry, or sick - something is going on. But children are people too, with real hurts and concerns, and she had had a real angry. I could tell she was genuinely feeling left out - even though I could also tell she understood why. She knew that Brian's class had homework, hers did not. Easy - but it was still not fair to a little one who wanted papers and mail too.
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So, after she went to bed that night, I got a piece of pink construction paper and folded it in half. On the front, I filled it out like you would an envelope: From Mommy, To Honor, with a pretend stamp in the corner. On the back, I drew a heart with all of our names in it. Inside the card, on one half of the fold, I drew a nice picture of me giving Honor a hug, and labeled it, "A big hug for Honor". On the other side, I wrote a full note. Simple repeating words with clear handwriting, but a full note about what a big girl Honor was and how much we all loved her.

She LOVED her note. She still has it too. She sets it up on display different places in her room, she takes care of it, and re-reads it often. If that's not enough to make you say "awwww", then read on.

Today, our little kindergartner, barely reading now (level 2), wrote a note back. She put our names on the back in a heart. She put: "To mom and dad and Brian" on the front. On one side she drew a picture of a big girl hugging small figures - not sure if it was me hugging everyone, or she was the one hugging everyone else. Her spelling is a bit off yet, "A big hag far Honor", but we knew what she meant. And she wrote a lovely note on the other side. She told us she loved us, then asked, "Do u like my nott? I love u and you love me"

You better believe that I like that nott!


Mama Seoul said...

So sweet!

G in Berlin said...

That's lovely. We also subscribe to a magazine for our THings1 (Princesses) and one for T@ (Pooh). They love getting things in the mail. My 5 yo still has birthday invitations from 3 years again that she pulls out and looks at- I think she has a better memory than I do!
BTW, love Honor's name. Reminds me of the Tepper Beauty (or was it McKinley?). And how are you liking the Honor Harrington series? A bit reminiscent of Hornblower, is the usual comment.

MsTypo said...

That is so sweet!! :) It's stories like this that almost make me contemplate motherhood. Almost! LOL

If you want a good educational magazine for her how about "Chickadee." It is the younger skewed sister zine of the science mag Owl. Educational but still lots of fun. :)

Diane Mandy said...

AWWWWW. What else is there to say?

Connie said...

Currently we get Zoobooks and National Geographic Jr. for the kids. Honor is more focused on writing rather than reading - but they go hand in hand. Brian also gets some subscription comic books now too. Once Honor gets a little more confident in her reading, I'll try Chickadee... I've think I've seen that.

We are happy with Honor's name too. It was hard naming a girl. She was almost a Morgan, but we are glad we chose Honor. "Beauty" was a Tepper book and a McKinley book! I'm enjoying the Harrington series so far - I've only got through about 3/4 of the 1st book though. I'm lucky if I get a chapter a day anymore, but that's ok... I love my distractions.

Rachel said...

That was so sweet. I wish you guys can visit more often. I miss you.
(Hugs and kisses)

srsr said...

We are thankful Brian is home with his family and recuperating nicely. We are thankful for Honor and her sweet smile. We are thankful you have made such a wonderful family. We are thankful for all (Misty and Rhamses, too)your sweet ways. We are thankful that before we know it you will be back for a visit. Love to all!
Dad and Susan

junglemama said...

Sweet story! Happy Thanksgiving! WE missed you!

blue said...

Oh my goodness! I can`t wait till my kids can write their own little notes . . . it`s just SO sweet.