Friday, November 14, 2008

One brick at a time

I admit, I am thoroughly hooked on what is going to happen next with our new 'home improvement show'. The guys out there are really kicking butt and very busy, nearly all day, every day. Even today, Friday, the equivalent to our Sunday.

I haven't come up with names for the actors in this on-going action show, but I do worry about them. I find myself wishing they had shoes, but after watching them walk like tightrope walkers over the rebar, I guess shoes would be dangerous and mess up their balance. We get very worried too, when we see them up on the edges of walls - or very close to each other as they swing those heavy hammers. But, this is their job, they know what they are doing. Only injury we've seen is one guy got hit in the eye with a flying shard of something... he washed it out though and got back to work.

A former ledge... those final embedded bricks were knocked out by a guy standing out on the dangling rebar.
Implements of destruction.
Barefoot across the rebar. That should look more painful, but I used to walk on crushed shell roads barefoot with no problems... when I was used to it. I think my feet were actually a lot healthier when I wore shoes less. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be best to see these guys in good work boots, but I am trying to see the positive side of it. Shoes slip, feet hold on.
Even the rebar is being removed, little by little.
Ack! They're on the edges again!
This morning, they started working up on the very top floor.
Piece by piece, brick by brick... forget aliens or Atlantean techonology theories... it's persistence, and hard work, like this, that got all those pyramids built.


MsTypo said...

Its amazing there aren't more injuries when you see how the work here gets done. *shudder*

junglemama said...

It looks like the kind of construction that goes on in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, and I thought I`d seen it all when it came to dangerous construction. Bare feet on rebar take the cake though. I wonder why they don`t use scaffolding?

Connie said...

Here's the scaffolding that we see used locally.. think I'd rather stay on the rebar!

Anonymous said...

haha you are so curious about what they are doing, you don't see such a thing everyday in your nation? :)