Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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Last night at dinner, I asked my kids if they knew what special event was going on in the United States today (yesterday). They thought a moment and Brian said, "I know! Elections!" And Honor said, "I know too. My teacher said people are choosing a new president.", then she went on to tell me how her kindergarten class then voted on their favorite foods. Pizza won, so they ordered one and had it for snack!

We talked about the election some, and the candidates. Guess I hadn't been keeping them too much in the loop, because as I explained that this was an election that people would remember for a very long time, because it could be the first time an African-American could be President.

Why Mommy?

Well... because of history, because of discrimination based on skin color...


Because that's what people did.

Why? A long time ago?

No. When your grandparents were kids, it would have been impossible as 'colored folks' were not even allowed to vote, share schools, eat at the same places, etc. When we were kids, laws had changed, but people still had a lot to work out and there was still a lot of bias and hate. (I had to define bias and prejudice for them).


Sometimes people are slow to change.

But change has come today.

Personally, I am not a Democrat - too socialist/communist. That doesn't help America. But the Republicans have totally screwed things up. Truthfully, I think either McCain or Obama would have been a fine choice for President (except for Palin - my god, what was that about?!)... but only domestically. If either had won, they'd have faced the same problems, the same need for moderation, compromise, and working across party lines. Both seemed to be equally competent and honorable. Both would have been a good choice for America. But the world. The world, I believe, has had enough of the Republicans for awhile. Probably enough of Democrats-business-as-usual too. Obama seemed to provide an icon of change. Change is what is needed. We aren't going to succeed with what the Republicans have been doing. Nor, do we want a pure Democratic agenda either... I do NOT think it will be allowed. I believe we will be seeing more moderate actions. As our Egyptian hosts would say... Insha'allah!

Congrats Obama!

Visit "Martinis for Two" for an awesome video: CLICK

And passing this on, because I like it (Thanks Richard for sharing it):
“Rosa sat so Martin could walk.
Martin walked so Barack could run.
Barack ran so your children could fly.”
-Author unknown


MsTypo said...

Great post. I love that "poem" at the end. :)

Tina in CT said...

There's so much truth in what you wrote. I do feel that McCain shot himself in the foot by picking Palin.

No matter who won though, I thought that that person is going to have a tough time ahead of them. I am a Democrat and did vote for Obama and wish him well.

Our country has made history and I stayed up to see it being made. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch during Obama's speech. I did see McCain's and he was very gracious.

Tiffany Fairbanks said...

I agree with you about Palin and also that it might be a wonderful thing to be out from under the republican party. It's good to have a different approach and I do feel that for the most part the American people are downtrodden. A fresh approach can't be all bad. I have mixed feelings right now, but I am trying to stay positive. Thank you for your comment. It's nice to see new faces and names in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Answering that "why" question from your kids must be difficult... its too bad humans haven't been perfect all along.

Not that we are there yet, but you know what I mean.

Diane Mandy said...

Very thoughtful post, COnnie! I have been watching the world's celebrations al day. It's amazing to see other countries rooting for America again. I think this new leadership will be good change.

srsr said...

Last nite was awesome! Just watching the pure joy in people's faces brought tears of joy to my eyes.
Unfortunatly, my spirit was wounded this morning after viewing the results of Proposition 8, here in California. My marriage is no stronger today than yesterday and I still need to explain gay marriage to kids. Along with explaining intolerance and why some people think it's okay to trample on the rights of those who think and believe differently. Okay, I think I'll shut up now.

Hi! I'm Janola. said...

Connie- thank you for trying to explain such things to your kids. Kids are our future and the more open and intelligent they are, the better we all will be.

great poem at the end!