Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sweet somethings

The day before yesterday, we got up and ready for the day as usual - got the kids up, dressed, sent off to get shoes on and teeth brushed, etc. I headed to the kitchen to get their lunches and drinks packed up as Brad made their breakfasts. As I was working, Honor, who had finished her chores, came skipping into the kitchen and presented me with a bouquet of pretty silk flowers (she has a basket full that we picked up on sale - they make great pretend play objects). She made the flowers 'extra special' for me by spraying some of my perfume on the petals.

And then yesterday, was Book Fair day at the school. I sent them both off with some money and told them they could get 3-4 small books, or one or two more expensive books. We have books, and we regularly shop for books, so I wasn't concerned about their needing extensive supplies from this fair, but it's always good to encourage love of reading. I heard from a friend, who worked the fair, that she saw Brian and Honor and that they were 'very sweet'. Honor picked out 4 nice books at her level - and told Brian he was allowed to share. Brian told my friend that he looked around and didn't see anything he was interested in. One series they had that he likes (Beast Quest) did not have any new books that he doesn't already have. He did however, pick out a book for his Dad. She told me that Brian told her how much he thought his dad would like the book, and they could read it together. His dad did like the book - and the gifting of it - and I am sure they will read it together. It was a hard cover graphic novel/collection of the Fantastic Four.

Our kids definitely make us feel loved!


MsTypo said...

FF graphic novel? SWEET!!

I used to love those scholastic book fairs. They always had books i wouldn't see at the bookstore or library. Great books, happy memories. :)

junglemama said...

How nice of Brian. Jonny has been asking to watch the movie.